The New Background – Friday Live!

Morning Show - May 26, 2017

Today we have a cool new background for the show as phase two of my garage conversion is underway. Of course, we also have the usual Q&A. Here’s the rundown!

1:43 – New Patreon level update: PM Show! Help support us!
4:58 – Pens and bowl blanks from Zac Higgins. Check out his YouTube channel.
6:41 – Houston area meetup  – Facebook Group
8:28 – Mag Dro caliper base 
11:00 – New tool wall/Shop Phase 2
13:37 – What would you recommend an all purpose shop table be surfaced with?
15:46 – What’s your go-to finish? How do you choose a finish for a project?
20:00 – How long should I let a half lapped frame sit in clamps before removing them?
21:13 – Nicole vs. Roubo
22:41 – What’s your experience with glue in a wide belt sander?
24:17 – Where can I purchase a good water stone set?
26:01 – Why is it difficult to locate quality hand tools in Europe?
28:43 – Any summer vacation plans?
30:03 – What question are you tired of getting or dread to answer?
31:31 – How big should a shop space be?
33:41 – How would you compare your Oneida & ClearVue?
34:01 – Planer or router after a bandsaw purchase?
35:20 – Why isn’t closed caption an option?
37:27 – Last week to enter for the Fuji Spray giveaway.
38:14 – Is there anything different you would have done with your business if you know what you know now?
40:52 – How to repair chipout when sending something through the planer the wrong way?
42:38 – Patreon supporter update
43:58 – Guild project winner