Must-Have Layout Tools – Friday Live PM!

Morning Show - October 7, 2017

Tonight we have a bunch of great questions, including someone who wants to know what I consider to be must-have layout tools.

0:30 – Beverages of choice
2:01 – New Patreon Supporters
3:20 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2017 –
4:57 – Tilt Top Table on sale this week –
7:20 – WWFC Auctions –
10:00 – Are there any other projects for the house you haven’t completed yet?
12:05 – Is there a recommended method to sharpen jointer knives?
14:40 – How did you improve your video production quality over the years?
19:30 – What layout tools do you consider essential for furniture making?
25:25 – Whats the difference between push and pull handsaws?
27:33 – What’s your favorite  Quentin Tarantino movie?
29:26 – Any issues with planing painted surfaces?
30:46 – Any advice for using a room in your house for finishing?
32:49 – Have the new electric heaters been more or less expensive than you expected?
34:32 – Would you have set your light color temperature different if you were to do it again?
36:36 – Can you recommend a good video for hand plane setup? –
38:10 – What is the thickness you can cut veneer when you need to start worrying about wood movement?
39:39 – Jet, Grizzly, or Powermatic?
41:54 – Can you provide feedback on the strap clamps you use to glue up a picture frame? –
44:25 – How many Lowes would Rob Lowe rob, if Rob Lowe would rob Lowes?
44:59 – How do you know when the change the filters on your respirators?
46:52 – What do you consider the hardest part about setting up a new shop?
48:05 – What would your opinion be of a public workshop like a gym?
51:20 – Guild project winner