Mineral Oil: Not My Jam – TWW Live

Morning Show - November 29, 2019

1:48 – Welcome to Friday Live!
2:18 – Guild Black Friday sale!
4:23 – Thanks for the gifts!
6:49 – Titebond giveaway
8:06 – Andy Klein improved Magswitch fence
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10:54 – Andy Klein Miter
14:07 – AK Vertical Fence
15:40 – Preorder information and discount code!
22:03 – Thanks Patreon Supporters!
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22:36 – Should I fill the grain on cutting boards?
27:25 – Where do you draw the line between useful tool versus learning as a new woodworker?
29:44 – Sanded through a table being refinished – Help!
32:53 – Did you ever think of adding an addendum video to older projects?
35:12 – Is it bad to leave a bandsaw blade under tension at all times?
37:16 – How do you pre-finish a frame and panel door?
39:42 – How is the workshop floor?
42:33 – Can you glue up a table top in sections?
43:47 – Any power tool combination that you would avoid?
47:12 – Have you used the Makita tracks with the Festool track saw
48:02 – Can a worn\bad bandsaw blade cause tracking issues?
51:27 – Can you sharpen a bandsaw blade?
54:04 – What sharpening steel do you use?
55:35 – What’s a good first band saw?
57:01 – What is the best finish for a rolling pin?
61:09 – Does Tried & True need to be reapplied over time?
61:58 – How do I get over sticker shock and indecision when buying lumber?
64:37 – Do I need to have a workbench?
65:52 – Any experience with Walrus oil?
67:06 – Thanks for the Frames Direct recommendation!
68:30 – Will the COPPA affect TWW Live?
76:27 – Have you ever been approached to teach a class to kids?
80:10 – Does the Shou Sugi Ban method help protect wood?
81:30 – Is guild membership for life with the Black Friday Sale?
82:50 – Free guild project winner!

The Wood Whisperer Guild Online Woodworking School

83:10 – Can you use a handplane to remove table saw marks for a panel glue up?
84:31 – Powermatic and Jet are doing a Black Friday Sale!

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