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Morning Show - May 29, 2020

00:00:35 - Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
00:01:10 - Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:01:38 - Patrick Beja and Tom Merritt Work In Sanity podcast
00:03:17 - Mail time!
00:05:20 - Do you have experience adding toner to finish?
00:07:01 - Any update on guild projects this year?
00:09:50 - Any advice on the bread box guild project?
00:10:30 - How is the dust collection on different brands of miter saws?
00:12:10 - Are helical cutters easier to set up in jointers?
00:13:25 - What's the difference between a regular jointer and a parallelogram jointer?
00:14:20 - What are some of the most important features you look for on a drill press?
00:15:55 - How can I weatherproof panels of an exterior door?
00:18:02 - What kind of finish can I use on my countertops?
00:19:15 - Are there any decent plug cutters that don't burn the wood?
00:20:45 - How can I fix a router gouge in the show face of a piece?
00:22:40 - If you had the knowledge you have now, would you have continued being a furniture maker?
00:24:08 - Nicole clears the air
00:26:12 - How can I remove too tight dovetails that I dry assembled and can't get out?
00:27:57 - What tool should I get first if I want to process rough lumber?
00:28:53 - How can I account for the wood movement when making panels for the G&G entry bench?
00:29:37 - Is there adjustment that prevents snipe on a drum sander?
00:31:03 - How can I learn to cut dovetails?
00:32:10 - When can I skip plane my board?
00:33:25 - What finish can I use for a shaving brush that will be in the bathroom?
00:34:50 - What sizes dominos do you normally use?
00:37:30 - How can I help boiled linseed oil keep from seeping out of the wood?
00:41:00 - How can you finetune the amount of suction on your random orbit sander?
00:42:25 - What is the minimum HP on a drill press to use a forstener bit?
00:43:45 - What's your opinion on Richlite hard wax oil?
00:45:34 - Guild project winner! Congratulations!