Matt Has to Make – TWW Live

Morning Show - January 10, 2020

00:01:30 – Audio starts
00:02:17 – It’s Friday live!
00:04:35 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:05:13 – Last day for preorder on Matt’s Outdoor Bench is TODAY
00:05:50 – What kind of woodworking buffing pads can I find?
00:07:50 – How often do you adjust the roller pressure on your planer?
00:09:20 – Do you ever build a project without any plans?
00:12:20 – Is epoxy an issue with food contact once cured?
00:15:15 – How do you figure out the angle for the supports on X-Frame legs?
00:17:22 – What tablesaw blade do you use most often?
00:18:55 – What’s a high quality drawer slide on the market?
00:23:20 – Would you recommend carbide insert lathe tools over chisels and gouges?
00:26:15 – What’s the differece between helical head and spiral head planers?
00:29:15 – Can I mill up a 10 inch maple log on a 14 inch bandsaw?
00:31:50 – Are the new PM1250 filters fans worth the price?
00:37:40 – Can you talk a bit about chisel brand comparisons?
00:43:05 – Have you tried the Tormek T-4 sharpening system?
00:48:00 – How do you sharpen a fishtail chisel?
00:50:00 – Any tips for using a biscuit jointer?
00:53:40 – How much outlets should I add to my garage shop?
00:55:30 – Any tips for filming solo?
01:01:30 – Can you recommend an inexpensive moisture meature?
01:05:55 – Are finger joints strong or should I reinforce them?
01:07:15 – Would you recommend Sapele for the roubo bench top?
01:14:30 – Guild project winner! Congratulations

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