Marc’s Sweet Bulging Thighs – TWW Live!

Morning Show - January 3, 2020

0:45 – Welcome to Friday Live!
2:43 – Statistics for the last year
7:00 – Bubinga shirts are available until Sunday.
7:45 – Charles Neil passed away on December 21st. He will be missed.
11:25 – Thank you for the gifts Sheppard
12:20 – Thanks to our Patron Supporters that help make this show happen
13:40 – Can you talk some about table and bench vices?
16:30 – How do you clean the bark\live edge of a slab?
18:09 – How do I keep epoxy from staining surrounding wood?
19:33 – TWW App exists (iOS only currently) but Nicole is working on updating it!
20:55 – Cremona is coming to visit!
21:55 – On a long seam, why can I feel the glue seam from both sides?
25:05 – Will I gain any strength using thicker plywood in the back?
26:56 – Now that you have used Rubio a lot more, would you still finish the chest of drawers with Endurovar.
28:50 – Nicole does everything, what does Marc do?
30:32 – How should I mount my Sawstop?
31:57 – Building a child’s desk, how can I make a child’s chair taller?
35:06 – What are your goals for 2020?
37:22 – Any tips on hand sawing?
39:49 – What should I finish my Roubo with?
40:52 – Do you have suggestions for the new woodworker?
42:21 – How do I calculate rails to support shelves?
44:17 – Why do you want to add wax to Tried & True?
46:58 – Do you still use a zero clearance insert now that you use the Incra sled?
47:40 – Can you repair the Laguna ReSaw king blade?
49:20 – What is the height of the cabinetry in your shop and are you happy with it?
52:15 – What’s the largest project you can do in your shop?
54:19 – Is there a common finish for kitchen cabinets?
55:05 – Would you recommend a pantarouter instead of the Domino?
56:27 – Can you suggest a new dado stack?
57:51 – Has the emergence of new online woodworking content creators affected the Guild?
63:45 – What did Marc and Nicole get each other for Christmas?
66:13 – Are there any CNC updates?
66:36 – I had some issues with grain popping after finishing on a cutting board, any ideas why?
67:39 – What brand of jigsaw and trim router do you use?
69:17 – How do you keep purpleheart from bleeding into maple when sanding?
70:00 – How do you dissect trim to recreate it?
72:14 – Any thoughts on the Ken Onion Worksharp knife sharpener?
74:45 – What is the best finish that I can apply in the house?
77:23 – Free guild project winner!

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