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Morning Show - June 12, 2020

00:00:32 – Video starts
00:01:18 – Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
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00:12:12 – How much does bent lamination spring back when removed from the form?
00:14:20 – What hardwood did you use for the trim on shop cabinets?
00:15:14 – What are your thoughts on bringing in a bandsaw as one of the first big power tools?
00:18:00 – Any suggestions for getting a better finish from a drum sander?
00:20:10 – Is a hollow chisel mortiser worth the floor space if you have a domino?
00:23:40 – How can you optimize storage in shop cabinets?
00:25:30 – Can you use the 5 cut method to dial in a table saw fence?
00:27:35 – Have you ever used oil-based stain?
00:29:45 – Expansion on the 5 cut method answer
00:31:55 – Do you ever design on the fly?
00:33:20 – What are some resources to get started in furniture design?
00:36:07 – How much paint do you need to use before you get good coverage on the hall tree?
00:38:40 – How can I find information on my local woodworking group?
00:42:05 – Do you have any resources for learning how to BBQ? Resource 1, 2, 3
00:46:20 – Is there a wood you wouldn’t use for loose tenons?
00:47:20 – Should I use a food-safe finish on a chessboard?
00:48:20 – What should my order of operations be when assembling a cedar chest?
00:49:20 – Maybe he meant cheese board?
00:50:20 – Can I create a faux shiplap look out of plywood?
00:51:22 – How can I reduce tear-out from cutting miters?
00:53:13 – What’s your policy on lending out tools?
00:55:00 – What grits would you recommend on sharpening with diamond stones?
00:56:15 – Do you use the table that came with the drill press or do you have an aftermarket one?
00:57:25 – Would you consider making a video of your average workday?
00:58:50 – Nicole, when did you start letting Marc build furniture for your home?
01:02:15 – Is the Anarchist Design book any good?
01:02:45 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

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