Marc’s Big Fat Head – TWW Live!

Morning Show - August 9, 2019

00:00:54 – It’s Friday Live!
00:02:05 – Update on the Guild Scholarship
00:05:15 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2019 project update
2018 link –
00:10:10 – Woodpecker’s Fat Head Hook Rule demo. Deadline for ordering is August 19, 2019.
00:15:03 – What should I finish my workbench with?
00:17:13 – Thank you to our new Patreon subscribers!
00:20:10 – Do you always use the same angle for dovetails?
00:22:15 – My diamond stone is getting corroded, how can I clean it?
00:24:00 – Do you have a problem with square bit screw heads sticking in the screw?
00:25:26 – Do you ever use your crosscut sled after getting your Incra 5000?
00:27:07 – How is the woven slat hamper holding up?
00:28:45 – What is a style of woodworking you were apprehensive about but ended up enjoying?
00:31:07 – What’s the minimum wood thickness you recommend for the movie poster project?
00:33:48 – What is your current quilting project?
00:36:05 – What is skip planing?
00:37:42 – Porter Cable Table Saw recall
00:38:40 – What’s the best glue to use for an outdoor gate?
00:39:47 – I built an outdoor bench that is now cloudy from exposure…can I buff it out, or should I refinish?
00:41:30 – What project is easier: the Barrister bookcase or the Greene and Greene blanket chest?
00:42:43 – What finish would you use on a cherry dining table?
00:43:10 – Is there a guild discount to Highland woodworking?
00:43:42 – Do you have any suggestions on benchtop jointers?
00:44:27 – How to best fix a color difference in bookmatched veneers?
00:46:25 – Who won the benchtop planer?
00:46:45 – When is the 12 weeks to Christmas starting this year?
00:47:57 – Is the price difference justified between the Incra 5000 and the Incra Express?
00:49:49 – What other multi part videos do you have on the free site?
00:51:00 – How can I get my chisel handle to stay on the chisel?
00:51:47 – What type of cedar would you use for cedar plank salmon grilling?
00:55:03 – Is the military table going to be a guild project?
00:58:05 – Can you discuss the cleanup of the bottom of the roubo top?
00:58:45 – Can you use shellac as a finish?
00:59:20 – Should wood be stored in a climate controlled environment?
01:00:47 – How long would freshly sawn white oak take to dry before use?
01:02:30 – Would you choose pigment or sawdust filler when filling gaps with epoxy?
01:04:07 – What’s the deal with the Goldie Wilson sign?

Show is back to normal time next week!

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