Manual Kickback – Friday Live

Morning Show - May 10, 2019

01:49 – It’s Friday Live!
02:36 – Thanks to our Patreon supporters
03:03 – A Craftsman’s Legacy
04:15 – Wes Johson autographed picture
05:55 – Will there be an audiobook for Essential Joinery?
08:25 – How do you determine how thick something needs to be for strength?
11:15 – New Wood Whisperer Aprons
13:55 – How long will mineral oil take to sweat out of my end grain cutting boards?
19:09 – Should I use the Festool sized dogholes or a standard 3/4 inch?
20:07 – After planing my red oak, there are lots of little holes. What should I do?
21:57 – How do you manage to prevent tear out when crosscutting on the table saw?
26:00 – A customer wants a 2-inch thick walnut counter? How would you joint the top?
29:38 – Shed’s almost done!
32:13 – Can you comment on the difference between Board Buddies vs JessEm Clear-cut stock guides?
35:13 – Who does the intro to WoodTalk?
36:22 – Any tips for doing angled dovetailed sides?
37:10 – What would you recommend as a drawer pull for a mid-century piece?
40:13 – I have a water-based finish on my computer desk that is failing after 5 years…what can I do?
42:00 – Is a 20-inch planer worth the extra money over a 15 inch?
43:51 – In your ideal shop, how many outlets would you have?
47:01 – What should you treat a finished cutting board with?
48:25 – Are you planning on traveling abroad to make an instrument?
49:50 – Can you give any business advice on starting a woodworking business?
53:00 – Have you ever used a Jet mortiser?
53:58 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!
55:14 – Showcasing the new jointer

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