Make Marc Mad and Get a Free Project! – Friday Live!

Morning Show - November 2, 2018

0:27 – Welcome to Friday Live!
0:36 – Marc has(received) a little package and some stickers
2:27 – We have a sale!
3:24 – There is a Denver Area meetup @ My Own Two hands


4:37 – Support the show on Patreon!
4:58 – Are you making any holiday gifts? If so, what?
8:30 – Mar posted a video about the IVAC system.
9:17 – How can I clear up\even out darker pockets on Cherry?
10:47 – Have you considered breaking the Highboy into smaller skill packages?
11:52 – Would you use Blum drawer slides again?
13:53 – Joe says that by watching every offcuts episode, he has had every question answered.
16:16 – Any suggestions on dust control with tall ceilings without ducting?
17:37 – How do you store tools in the shop and protect them from your kids?
20:12 – What is “Offcuts?!”
21:18 – What do you do if something goes horribly wrong in a project?

24:19 – If you bought the Ruobo on sale do you still get into the Guild group?\groups\twwguild
24:40 – Why are the bases on the miter station cabinets different than the shop cabinets?

Quick High-Quality Shop Cabinets

27:53 – Any opinions\suggestions on various forstner bits?
29:53 – Any ideas for a smaller live edge project using curly maple?
32:70 – Can you put a finish over Watco Danish Oil once it has cured?
34:10 – Are there any alternatives to Festool’s knockdown joinery methods?
35:42 – Why was Marc wearing flannel in the Powermatic video?

38:33 – What tool would you definitely want for building garage shelves?
39:59 – Would you recommend restoring an old Rockwell Unisaw or buy a new saw?
41:18 – Would Marc ever consider doing technique videos for the guild (such as fixing mistakes?)
42:41 – Any way to fix a cat pee soaked cabinet?
49:08 – Any suggestions on bench dogs for a thinner bench?

50:55 – Can you speak to the different types of bandsaw blade teeth available?
52:38 – What’s the worst thing you have ever made that you gave to someone else?
59:48 – Two giveaways this month!


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