Magic Marc – TWW Live!

Morning Show - October 18, 2019

00:03:00 – It’s Friday Live!
00:03:22 – Guild sale!
00:04:40 – Thank you to our new Patreon subscribers!
00:05:15 – Bessey gear clamp demo
00:09:00 – What is the reason to use a floating solid wood panel in a frame?
00:11:10 – Update on the woodworkers fighting cancer auction!
00:12:25 – Under cabinet workbench update
00:15:53 – How did you do the string inlay?
00:18:47 – Can I save the guild videos?
00:19:45 – Can you use two shorter track joints to make one long tracksaw track?
00:20:25 – How well do the undertrack clamps work on a tracksaw?
00:21:00 – Can I rewatch guild meeting videos?
00:22:30 – Can you hit the saw blade with the Incra 5000?
00:24:50 – How can I keep my tools from rusting with condensation in the morning?
00:28:55 – What’s the drawback with solid wood doors vs frame and panel doors?
00:32:07 – Essential Joinery is in Lee Valley’s fall catalog
00:33:15 – Have you checked out Veritas’ flushing chisel set?
00:33:30 – Last day to order from is Wednesday!
00:35:50 – How can I cut 2″ box joints on 10/4 walnut?
00:38:20 – What’s hanging from Deadpool’s foot?
00:39:35 – Do you ever plan on making a drum?
00:41:10 – Should I precut the holes for the hardware in the roubo?
00:43:35 – Is there a benefit on cabinet vs wall storage?
00:46:20 – What would be a better investment? Larger router plane with a smaller attachment or just the smaller router plane?
00:47:53 – Guild discount with Benchcrafted for roubo hardware
00:49:47 – How can you reach out to companies to get donations for charity pieces?
00:52:04 – Does the Benchcrafted hardware ever go on sale?
00:52:35 – Would you replace the leg vice with a Andy Klein’s twin turbo vice?
00:53:55 – How many coats of spray laquer would do you use before buffing with paste wax?
00:54:30 – Are the adirondack chairs comfortable to sit in?
00:55:40 – How do you like your table saw fence?
00:58:35 – Can we make slight modifications to the WWFC project? Deadline is October 31st
00:59:10 – What are your next top 5 projects in your queue?
01:00:30 – Can you have a European style hinge without the hole in the door?
01:01:53 – Do I need a double bevel miter saw?
01:03:35 – Where is the finishing the finish video?
01:05:12 – Which chest of drawers project would you recommend?
01:06:28 – What’s your stance on sharpening a router bit vs getting a new one?
01:07:50 – What kind of science background did you have?
01:10:55 – What’s the best finish for ash that won’t cause it to yellow?
01:12:47 – What white pencil do you use?
01:14:30 – How to cut a 45 on a wide panel without a tracksaw?
01:15:30 – Is there a benefit to you if we watch ads all the way through?
01:18:20 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

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