Lorna’s Elas-tic

Morning Show - April 7, 2020

00:00:32 – Video starts
00:01:08 – Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
00:02:05 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:05:30 – What’s the difference between compressor driven guns and airless sprayers?
00:07:23 – Is there a sanding point where the wood won’t accept stain?
00:08:30 – Is Rubio Monocoat good for everyday projects / all types of wood?
00:11:32 – Sama Eyewear Plug and Thank You
00:14:25 – How do you answer the question “What do you do for a living?”
00:15:50 – What do you recommend for an outdoor deck made from cedar?
00:18:05 – Is a pre-conditioner useful on cherry before finishing?
00:19:20 – Can you make patented items for gifts for friends?
00:20:54 – Have you tried to make inlays with your CNC?
00:21:08 – Can you use a finish with stain or should you stain and then finish?
00:22:00 – How do you sharpen a knife with water stones?
00:25:10 – Do you have a favorite brush for wiping finish on projects?
00:25:55 – Have you ever had a glue joint fail?
00:28:14 – In your dust collection, do you separate chips from dust? What vent can you recommend?
00:30:35 – Do you have plans for the masks you are making?
00:31:11 – Do you have any tricks for seeing start and stop lines while routing?
00:33:00 – What’s the minimum thickness for walls on the interior of a torsion box?
00:36:10 – What’s your brand of choice for hook and loop sandpaper?
00:37:30 – Are Irwin’s parallel clamps worth the money?
00:39:45 – Is the connect 4 game still around?
00:40:48 – What double-stick tape do you use?
00:42:06 – Would you finish the Greene and Greene blanket chest differently?
00:43:05 – Is having a spiral flush-trim bit re-sharpened worth it or just buy new?
00:45:38 – What’s the best source of oak and walnut for the nesting tables project?
00:46:30 – What should I build with my extra wood?
00:47:40 – Do you have a recommendation for a bandsaw blade?
00:49:30 – Do you find yourself using one bandsaw more than the other?
00:51:25 – Why did you switch back to the Kapex miter saw?
00:52:50 – How is your mini-split working?
00:54:40 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!