Let’s Rub it Out! – Friday Live!

Morning Show - September 22, 2018

0:20 – Welcome to Friday Live – Now with new camera setups!
1:55 – Nicole is in a great mood today!
3:45 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters!
4:38 – What is the best finish for a bassinet?
7:00 – Best finish for hot drink cups turned on a lathe?
8:09 – Do you keep your templates or toss them?
10:47 – Would spray shellac work on a salt cellar?
13:01 – Did a cement floor versus epoxy make a difference with the torsion assembly table?
14:13 – Do I need to be concerned with ratios on large dovetails – Reclaimed barnwood table for a wedding.
16:01 – How do you figure out angles in your projects?
17:45 – Any tips or tricks to rub out a finish that has not been pore filled?
20:01 – Miter saw switch to the DeWalt, does it use a laser and how do you like it?
21:13 – How long do I need to let a shellac finish sit before rubbing it out to a high gloss finish?
22:52 – Would you recommend getting an aftermarket laster?
24:32 – Is it worth turning a long handle for a socket bench chisel?
25:17 – Peter bribes Marc with Cocobolo.
26:08 – Is there a table saw option for cutting 4″ or thicker table tops?
27:23 – What’s the thinnest glue up that you have done?
27:59 – What’s a good way to have a project reviewed to say what could be improved?
30:00 – Does Marc offer classes?
33:08 – Hvae you found a solution to sheet good storage that you are happy with?
34:24 – Any idea when the Coffee Gaming Table plans are coming out?
34:56 – Are “plan” frame and panel aka Shaker doors ok or do they need to be raised panel?
35:56 – What is the smallest\thinnest edge glue up that you have done?
37:15 – What can I use besides a drum sander to make veneer?
38:37 – What’s the biggest project that you have built?
39:36 – What’s more important? A bigger jointer or a bigger planer?
40:11 – What’s a good bandsaw blade?
40:57 – Last minute project made of Walnut, can I spray Lacquer and be safe?
41:48 – Free guild project winner!
42:10 – We will be doing guild sales again this year!
43:33 – What would you rather have as a gift? Coffee or Beer?
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