Let’s Do Some Flocking! – Friday Live!

Morning Show - October 19, 2018

1:14 – Happy Anniversary Marc & Nicole
4:16 – Welcome to the loving, anniversary edition of Friday Live!
6:58 – Nicole made a baby blanket!
Pattern is from Jenny from Missouri Star Quilts
8:30 – Peter bought Marc a special shirt
9:23 – Kevin sent Marc and Nicole special coffee
10:44 – Questions on air filtration using the PM Fan
13:39 – How often should you change your planer blades?
15:44 – Recommendations on a Festool vac and addons?
18:37 – Tearing when cutting veneer, what am I doing wrong?
21:17 – What would I need to upgrade in my shop to build cabinets and a bed?
25:30 – How does Marc feel about people using his designs for profit?

Selling Wood Whisperer Designs for Profit

29:09 – Do you need to let the wood rest after jointing\planing?
31:34 – Is the Miter Station still on sale?
35:54 – Is Cremona’s work part of the holiday sale?


37:48 – Flocking durability – Are some brands better than others?
41:22 – Lines are appearing in a board when jointing – What’s causing them?
42:18 – Check out the Guild mentorship on Facebook if you are a guild member!
46:12 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters!

Products recommended by Marc