Kiss and Tell – Friday Live!

Morning Show - October 5, 2018

Today we have some fun with a story about our son Mateo and eventually we talk about woodworking.

0:55 – Welcome to Friday Live!
1:25 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters!
2:19 – If you want to send us stuff, this is the right address!
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3:02 – Cool sign for The Wood Whisperer Guild!
4:29 – Mateo has someone who has a crush on him at school!
7:06 – What are your thoughts on GF Salad Bowl Finish Vs. Butcher Block Oil for a cheese board?
9:04 – If you had to replace one powertool with a handtool forever, what would it be?
10:21 – On the Miter Saw Station, what was the thought process on the pullouts\trays and drawers?
12:58 – Question on wedged tenon shoulders
14:28 – Rasps Vs. Files Vs. Floats – When should I use each one?
15:53 – Have you ever considered putting a router into a “station” as opposed to a standalone table?
17:15 – What type of Dust Collection is needed in a shop?
23:49 – How would you create a round coffee table?
25:16 – How do you balance other hobbies with Woodworking?
28:23 – Is there a light (weight) wood that you’d recommend for hinged bookshelves?
30:42 – If you needed to work with an open garage door, when would you stop using power tools?
33:17 – Marc recently mentioned moving away from product reviews, what does this mean for the guild?
36:44 – How do you attach false drawer fronts?
37:49 – What is your favorite router table?
41:00 – Do you need to worry about wood movement when drawboring?
42:50 – Do you have a commonly used tool that is an ergonomic nightmare (such as a card scraper)?
44:00 – How do you make a table with a super glossy white finish?
46:08 – Does anyone have a good recommendation for a tenoning jig?
46:25 – Is it better to have a dedicated assembly table and workbench or just workbench?
52:08 – How would you price a cutting board?
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