Kinlin’ – Friday Live!

Morning Show - August 4, 2018

On this week’s show, Nicole tells us how she spent her childhood chopping kinlin’. Of course we also have the usual Q&A.

2:34 – Is there a rule of thumb of how wedges are inserted on wedged tenons?
6:01 – What’s your favorite inexpensive tool that makes life easier in the shop?
7:38 – What’s the best way to get rid of tan lines in wood?
8:35 – How do you feel about other Youtube woodworkers opening online schools?
10:40 – What is the best finish for a desk made of oak?
14:00 – What is the best router bit for mortising?
15:50 – What do I need to know about the domino to skip the painful learning process with the tool?
18:52 – Are bandsaw blades disposable or are they sharpenable?
21:00 – Shannon praise –
23:03 – Is a plunge router worth the extra cost vs a fixed one?
24:08 – Any suggestions on a good scribing tool?
25:02 – Have you ever worked with Pecan?
25:27 – Do you have any experience with jobsite tablesaws? Any tips on maximizing results?
29:00 – Do you have any discounts on benchcrafted hardware?
29:45 – Is a combinational sander worth getting?
30:30 – Any recommendations on securing a floating desk to the wall?
33:12 – Should I attach aprons of a raised dog feeder with mortise and tenons or would a butt joint be ok?
34:10 – What’s your secret to get your wife to love woodworking?
37:08 – Eight videos release in the Guild today!
39:00 – Guild project winners – Kevin & Keith!
39:58 – Executive desk tour
43:03 – Maybe no show next week