Japanese Chisels – Friday Live!

Morning Show - November 10, 2017

Today we’re talking about the properties of Japanese chisels and how they compare to their Western counterparts. We’ll also have the usual Q&A.

0:15 – WWFC Update
1:30 – Happy Veterans Day
3:16 – New aprons now available for pre-order
4:54 – G&G Adirondak Chair on sale this weekend
5:03 – Arbortech Ball Gouge
6:16 – TWWG Jewelry Box update
7:43 – Are there any special storage considerations to take for glues in cold temperatures?
10:25 – Why am I getting uneven amounts of snipe on either side of my planer?
12:03 – How did your Powermatic sponsorship come about?
13:29 – Who are your favorite YouTubers? Isitani and Doucette and Wolfe
17:37 – How do you fill grain? I’ve tried a few things but want your opinion.
19:40 – How should I finish the inside of a cedar chest?
20:50 – How loud are your turbine HVLP units?
22:45 – Does the hollow grind of a Japanese chisel require a new learning curve?
26:59 – How do I fix a miter joint that isn’t exactly 45 degrees?
28:43 – How would you determine the color of epoxy to fill voids with?
30:42 – Do I need to seal the endgrain on 45 degree joints for glue if I’m using dominoes?
32:58 – What’s the big difference between a cyclone and a two canister system for performance?
34:04 – Marc might maybe possibly go to Australia.
35:13 – New Patreon supporters!
35:17 – What are some good items to build for an auction?