It’s Not Ideal – Friday Live!

Morning Show - March 23, 2019

00:01:42 – Happy QoS!
00:02:25 – Finished Credenza!
00:04:50 – Thank you’s
00:05:41 – Earbuds shootout update!
00:07:08 – Jumpin’ into the Woodpeckers
00:15:22 – How far down the leg should the screw for a leg vice be? Is 2 1/8″ thick enough for the chop?
00:17:59 – What’s the pros and cons of putting end caps on both ends of Andy’s tail vice?
00:20:00 – Would you have used Andy’s twin screw vice if you were to rebuild your Roube now?
00:22:00 – Marc’s health update
00:23:37 – Do you consider sapwood a defect?
00:25:04 – Can you recommend an efficient way to sand edge profiles?
00:28:10 – Should raw lumber thicknesses correspond to inch measurements?
00:31:02 – How do I make it up to my wife that I used her good measuring cup for Shellac?
00:33:41 – Would I have a problem using a large end grain butcher block as a table top? What kind of base should I use?
00:35:50 – What is your expiernce with Footprint hand chisels?
00:36:50 – What size dovetail bit should I use for a sliding dovetail to attach front and back to sides of a chest of drawers?
00:39:55 – How are winners chosen for the draw?
00:40:40 – Any idea how tall the hall tree storage bench will be?
00:41:54 – What’s the best way to get in touch with Marc?
00:44:04 – What tooth count on a dovetail saw would you recommend?
00:45:54 – Are biscuits good for production work? Do riser blocks have any negative effect on bandsaw cut quality?
00:47:42 – Austin Hardwoods book launch party!
00:51:34 – Is there a recommended first aid kit in the Amazon store?
00:52:26 – What is your favorite tool in the shop?
00:53:55 – More Matt Cremona jokes!
00:55:00 – Have you ever used glue-sizing for a work surface?
00:56:13 – How do I get wax out of a project that is stuck in the grain after finishing?
00:57:50 – Has anyone carried a 15″ planer into the basement?
00:59:27 – Is pressure treated lumber ok for a bench build?
01:02:40 – Can you review your wax buffing process?
01:06:03 – New season of The Wood Whisperer on Amazon prime!

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