Internet Goes Down Part 1 and 2 – Friday Live

Morning Show - January 30, 2019

The show was broken up into 2 parts this week since we had a neighborhood internet outage.

Part 2 can be found here, but is only 8 minutes long since the internet went down for good at the end.

1:07 – Marc’s snarkier when he wears his glasses.
1:40 – Welcome to Friday Live!
1:54 – Thanks to our Patreon supporters!
2:17 – What does Marc & Nicole do with Patreon contributions?
4:25 – Gifts received
6:27 – Rowdy Penguin Productions (Federal employee who was furloughed)
7:59 – Marc is working on a shoe rack right now (will be a free project!)
10:26 – Matt Cremona is working on the Ultimate Wall Hanging Tool Cabinet
12:50 – Do you encounter snipe with shorter pieces such as those in the knife block project?
15:09 – How can you avoid grain direction issues when template routing?
18:02 – What are best practices for speed adjustments for different types of woods?
20:21 – Why do you need different size flush trim bits?
21:30 – Powermatic surprise on February 1st!
21:45 – Any recommendations for the best bandsaw blade for various tasks?
24:27 – Finishing the Sideboard – How do I apply finish when it is cold outside?
25:43 – Which garage heater does Marc have?

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