I Gotta Get My Strokes In – TWW Live

Morning Show - September 6, 2019

00:01:53 - It's Friday Live!
00:02:40 - Philip Morley Kitchen Table Update
00:07:05 - Philip Morley clip preview
00:10:05 - Clear Vue Showcase
00:13:55 - How to fix scratches on a planer table?
00:15:05 - Have you considered getting a roomba for the shop?
00:16:55 - Do you have any beginner tips for using the Domino?
00:18:35 - Should you pore fill hickory?
00:19:30 - What clamps should I buy to get the most use out of?
00:20:55 - Do you still use the Earlex 5500?
00:21:35 - What benefits do a cyclone and filter system provide?
00:22:27 - What edges are chamfered on the Barrister Bookcase?
00:24:07 - Duggee ate the spatula!
00:25:50 - How can I calibrate my jointer bed?
00:28:55 - How can I sand end grain?
00:30:10 - Have you considered adding more IOT in your projects?
00:31:45 - How can I make wider panels with figured wood without clashing?
00:32:55 - Jointer or Planer? Which would you pick?
00:33:55 - Does sanding affect dye penetration?
00:35:40 - What's the best wood for making children's building blocks?
00:36:55 - Would you get a drum sander or spindle sander first?
00:37:40 - What's a good starter planer?
00:40:00 - Why don't you have a CNC?
00:44:15 - Can I make bent lamination without a drum sander?
00:47:20 - What brand lavs do you use?
00:54:40 - Any advice for my first trip to the lumber store?
00:58:20 - How can I ship my project to a drastically different environment?
01:00:30 - Are used planers a viable option?
01:02:20 - What is up with Cremona and all his little boxes?
01:04:55 - Guild project winner! Congratulations!

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