Hit ‘Em in the Nuggets

Morning Show - March 24, 2020

1:04 – Welcome to the Tuesday Morning Bonus Show!
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3:55 – Marc fixed the clock!
4:54 – Marc’s important message\decision
5:36 – Will Matt or Shannon accept Marc’s pushup challenge?
6:25 – How have your woodworking, gaming and cooking skills prepared you for a post-apocalyptic world?
7:42 – Have you used Blum drawer slides? Any suggestions on soft-close slides?
9:08 – Have you ever tried to ebonize Oak or other woods?
10:16 – Have you ever used the Rockler Drawer Slide jig?
10:31 – What essential tools do you keep in your shop apron?
16:04 – Should I buy a Stanley LAJ plane or wait until I can buy a nicer one?
18:42 – Do you still like the trim you used on the drawers for the MFT Cart?
21:28 – Outside of the Domino, what tools would you stick with Festool versus other brands?
24:28 – Macassar Ebony versus Black Ebony on the blanket chest – Thoughts?
26:45 – Trying to get a modern charcoal\gray finish – Any advice on wood stains\dyes?
28:50 – How have you dealt with inefficiency in the shop over time?
33:28 – Is Marc planning on doing a Sketchup series?
34:05 – PM1500 – Measuring scale is off, how do I fix it?
37:09 – Will you consider offering CNC templates for previous guild projects?
41:10 – Can you use a Freud blade on a Kapex?
42:01 – If you are a shop teacher, email Nicole!
43:20 – How long does it take to get projects when you order them?
45:13 – What have you heard regarding newer jointer\planer combo machines? Are there drawbacks?
47:14 – Was there a design change to the wireless charging station?
47:38 – What’s the difference between the Chest of Drawers and the Modern Chest of Drawers in the guild?
49:00 – Marc and Nicole give away a few things!
50:16 – Any reason I can’t use the shop cabinet plans for a miter station?
51:40 – Marc and Nicole give away more free things!
52:30 – What did Marc use to refinish the knockdown trestle table?
53:28 – I am designing a headboard, how should I attach the Balusters?
55:20 – Building a dining table with White Oak – Is Rubio a good finish option? Will it hold up?
57:45 – Where does Marc order his screws from?
58:38 – Have you ever considered buying a Mirka sander?
61:22 – Building drawers for a murphy bed – Can I use slides on the bottom instead of the sides?
64:10 – Thank You for inspiring others to help make masks for the hospitals