Hide Yo Wheat! – Friday Live

Morning Show - June 21, 2019

00:02:28 – It’s Friday Live!

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00:05:02 – Thank yous!

00:06:25 – New Wood Whisperer video!


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00:09:05 – Is there a rule of thumb for roundover sizes?

00:11:50 – What are the pros and cons of thin kerfed blades?

00:14:17 – What material would you recommend for a photo backdrop?

00:16:47 – What would you look for in a drill press if you were looking for one now?

00:19:00 – What’s the software you use for streaming?

00:19:50 – Do you still have the Bosch mitre saw? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tSuMrwrhkU

00:21:15 – What type of wood would you use for the Rockler quick release vice?

00:24:20 – Do you have a video about shellac and french polish?

00:25:15 – Do you use finish on the inside of a drawer of the shaker table?

00:28:45 – Do you miss the sliding feature of your old mitre saw?

00:31:00 – Do “batman ear” chippers cause issues in dado stacks?

00:33:20 – What paper do you recommend under glueups to catch drips?

00:35:00 – How do you route safely using a template on a router table?

00:37:28 – Do sandpaper erasers really help?

00:39:45 – Any recommendations for getting rough lumber?


00:41:40 – Do you ever use reinforcement when making solid wood side panels?

00:42:25 – What do you think of using splines instead of dominoes or biscuits for a table top?

00:43:57 – Do you ever feel like you’re running out of new things to build? Where do you find inspiration to get yourself out of that spell?

00:45:44 – What’s your final sanding grit before finishing?

00:47:23 – Would you change the size of your overhang on your Roubo if you change your tail vise?


00:49:34 – Free guild project! Hide yo’ wheat!

00:49:50 – Guild Scholarship application https://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/scholarship/

00:53:20 – Which of the guild projects would be best suited for the beginner?


00:56:07 – Can you put a dado stack on a sliding mitre saw?

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