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Morning Show - February 7, 2020

00:00:31 – Video starts
00:02:47 – It’s The Woodworker Morning Show
00:03:00 – Thanks to our new patreon subscribers
00:05:05 – Which OSMO product(s) should I use on a walnut island in the kitchen?
00:09:55 – Have you found a good free resource for learning sketchup?
00:12:08 – Did you sand and finish the wooden wall behind you in the shop?
00:13:40 – Can you laminate to get to the 8/4 thickness for the roubo top?
00:14:33 – What’s the best way to prevent wood movement?
00:16:18 – What’s the best way to joint a board wider than my jointer?
00:18:02 – Which Woodpecker tool do you gravitate towards the most?
00:21:47 – Any update on the EZ Edge?
00:23:10 – Have you used your new CNC yet?
00:24:15 – What kind of CNC did you get?
00:25:15 – Is Nicole more likely to use a CNC or a scrollsaw?
00:26:15 – Have you considered doing a collaboration with Mike Farrington?
00:28:00 – Any suggestions on materials for a router table top?
00:30:00 – Any suggestions for stabilizing a mobile cart when ripping?
00:31:45 – What are your initial impressions of the PM-V11 blades?
00:32:35 – Adventures in steam bending – New TWW Video out
00:33:25 – How much room do you leave for wood expansion in a frame and panel?
00:35:35 – Does the miter saw cabinet have any issues with moisture?
00:36:25 – What’s your stance on using vaneer?
00:37:05 – Any information on the new guild instructor?
00:37:37 – Update on guild pipeline
00:40:00 – After coming back to a project, there are dark patches on the wood. How can I get rid of them?
00:41:00 – Have the tracks for your tracksaws ever warped?
00:41:50 – Can the MFT replace a miter saw?
00:43:35 – Why did you change your miter saw brand?
00:45:28 – WoodTalk is back! (Three shows a month, not a week)
00:47:15 – Have you heard about the quality of the Vermont Woodworking School?
00:50:30 – Is Rockler doing referrals from listening to WoodTalk?
00:51:30 – Why does wood conditioner give an orange tone to the stain?
00:52:50 – Are there any Friday Live evening shows coming up?
00:53:59 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

Friday Evening Show next week

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