Good as it’s Going to Get – Friday Live!

Morning Show - January 19, 2019

We had some technical issues today but by take 3 we nailed it :)

0:55 – Welcome to Friday Live!
1:04 – Items\gifts received in the mail
2:57 – New branding irons received from Puit
3:50 – Newest Woodpeckers One Time Tool – DEADLINE FEBRUARY 4TH, 2019
6:44 – Thanks for pre-ordering Essential Joinery!
7:45 – Is a moxon vice a good substitute for a leg vice?
9:22 – What do you suggest to clean the black coating off bits?
11:27 – How do you minimize glue squeeze out issues?
15:20 – Can I complain about the book not being delivered fast enough?
15:37 – Is there any easy way to upcycle flooring boards with a hard finish on them?
18:08 – Any suggestions for a finish for the Kids Kitchen Step Stool?
19:48 – How long should I wait for Danish Oil to finish before applying Poly?
21:20 – What’s your opinion of lacquer over shellac?
22:13 – When gluing with catalytic based glue, do I need to worry about temperature?
27:00 – Do you have a suggestion as to which toekick to use for cabinets?
29:06 – Any suggestions when to start woodworking with kids?
31:37 – Where are your brass hammers from? Glenn Drake and Dema
33:43 – Have you heard of a sanding disc that you attach to the table saw (Edge Tech)?
36:30 – Can I use hardwood flooring as a workbench top?
37:20 – Any recommendations on a cheaper router bit set?
40:03 – Oneida has renewed their discount with The Wood Whisperer Guild and upped it to 10%!
You can get it by joining the guild at
41:19 – When staining, I am seeing sanding marks after application, any advice?
42:58 – Where do you find inspiration for projects (such as the hall tree?)
44:13 – Router bit winner!
44:36 – Marc is now doing video responses on Instagram, you can ask questions there via video!
45:39 – Mike Rowe did a video about Bob Ross
46:21 – Scapers are available again on the guild store!
46:38 – When will the book be available for preorder again?

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