Gene Ruined Christmas

Morning Show - May 22, 2020

00:00:45 – Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
00:02:08 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:02:35 – Shout out to Gene!
00:07:22 – What’s the best beginner guild project? Shaker Table & Writing Desk
00:09:00 – What feedback have you gotten on the quality of Bell Forrest kits?
– Is a planer/jointer combo worth the floor footprint savings?
00:12:15 – What brand Japanese saw is a good brand?
00:13:38 – What is the best vice option for the Roubo bench?
00:15:55 – Can you use spalted pecan wood in a smoker?
00:17:50 – What’s your favorite router bit?
00:19:20 – What Festool router size do you recommend?
00:20:47 – How can you prevent bleeding when using two tone stain?
00:23:00 – What’s a common geometry of how far down an apron starts on a table leg?
00:23:55 – Are wedding rings or watches a safety hazard in the shop?
00:26:50 – What size and how many parallel clamps would you recommend?
00:30:01 – Do you prefer double stick tape or blue tape with CA glue?
00:33:40 – Did you finish the interior of your dog holes on your bench?
00:34:14 – Any tricks on keeping champfers crisp when sanding?
00:35:00 – Any recommendations on creating champfers with hand tools?
00:36:50 – What are some examples of open pore woods?
00:38:13 – Any recommendations on resizing the roubo?
00:39:42 – What are your thoughts on windows in the shop over wall space?
00:41:35 – How many teeth do you recommend for a ripping blade?
00:42:21 – What’s the best way I can power carve a block of wood into a cloud?
00:44:23 – Should I get the 500 or 700 domino?
00:47:53 – How can I sharpen the pin on a marking gauge?
00:48:55 – Do you sand between paint coats?
00:49:55 – How do you mark out large right angles?
00:50:55 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

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