Gaming Coffee Table Update – Friday Live!

Morning Show - June 9, 2018

0:00 – Welcome to Friday Live
0:50 – Thanks Patrons! Question link will be up next week!
1:18 – Marc was sent a draw knife wrapped in underwear
2:43 – Dema sent Marc a very nice brass hammer
4:43 – The next guild giveway is some Walrus Oil!
5:25 – Does anyone make plywood drawers using dovetails?
6:25 – Should I get a round or flat spokeshave?
7:59 – Click the “Bell” next to the subscribed link to get notified when TWW goes live
8:45 – What do you think of Incra Miter Sled now that you have used it for a while?
10:20 – Marc is teaching at Marc Adams – Gaming Coffee Table
15:15 – Can you give an example on preventing tearout?
18:03 – Now that GeekChic is gone, would you do the gaming table differently?
20:02 – Have you ever seen anyone use lilac wood in small projects?
20:16 – What’s the best bet for deglossing a lacquer finish?
22:29 – What’s with Marc’s new glasses and eye protection?
24:05 – With a full bridle joint, do you need to account for expansion in a face frame?
25:14 – Did Bob Ross inspire any of your woodworking projects?
26:12 – Would white oak, straight grain, on its face be too unstable for a face to face laminate workbench top?
27:20 – Do you find more enjoyment in building a project or in teaching?
29:10 – Did Marc do a meeting on the Incra 5000? (It was done as a Guild Meeting)
30:24 – Any ideas on putting wheels on a workbench?
32:48 – Do you have a favorite brand of shoe for the shop?
35:27 – Is the Incra box joing jig worth buying?
37:16 – Would Marc collaborate with Ron Swanson?
38:25 – What’s your favorite marking gauge and knife?
40:35 – What degree chamfer bit did you use for the scrapwood jewelry box?

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