Friday Live! – Torsion Box, FLEXVOLT Table Saw, and Kansas City

Morning Show - December 16, 2016

This week we discuss my torsion box table design, my initial impressions of the DeWalt FLEXVOLT table saw, and a possible trip to the Kansas City woodworking show. Here’s the Q&A rundown thanks to Scott Hampshire.

2:10 – Is it an absolute sin to use metal drawer slides instead of wood runners?
4:05 – Is there anything you would change about your torsion box assembly table if you were to do it again?
7:02 – The Wood Whisperer at ‘The Woodworking Show’ in Kansas City
8:18 – What kind of corner clamp would you use to hold picture frames together?
11:00 – Shop Heating update
12:30 – When should I use Paste Wax as a finish?
15:03 – Are there plans for more guild meetings in the future?
17:45 – DeWalt Flexvolt Tool Preview (Table & Circular Saw)
30:00 – Can you join picnic table tops together without spaces?
31:50 – Are you still going to build in a subfloor in the shop?
32:20 – Did you put in the new LED lights up yet?
33:20 – What do you think of the Rockler dovetail jig?
33:50 – Marc on Rough Cut.
35:40 – Congratulations Baby Cremona #2!
35:54 – What tools will you be replacing to fit your new space?
36:55 – Are you going to do more “Things woodworker’s know” videos again? (44:20Woodworking Not-so-Common Sense)
37:45 – Are you going to do a TV show?
39:30 – Describe your experience at your new local hardwood dealer Austin Hardwoods.
42:50 – Wood Whisperer sooper-dooper secret handshake reveal
43:15 – Patreon Supporter Shoutouts