Friday Live – Arcade Cabinet & LED Lights

Morning Show - December 2, 2016

This week I talk about an upcoming arcade cabinet project where I’ll be collaborating with my buddy Brian from Coverville. I also show the temporary LED lighting solution I’m using that’s giving me pretty decent results. Here’s the topic and Q&A rundown courtesy of Scott Hampshire:

Woodworking discussion, current events, and Q&A.

1:10 – Garage Shop Update
2:50 – Upcoming Project – Game Cabinet
4:27 – New Table Saw
9:50 – Wood Whisperer SuperFan Cards
10:10 – Marc joins the beard club
11:27- LED replacement lights:
13:00 – What is a Wood Whisperer Super Fan?
13:40 – What’s with all the talking?
15:00 – What would be a good beginner chisel and handplane set?
17:07 – How do I get dried glue off the bar on my clamps?
18:07 – How did your relationship with Powermatic come about?
19:09 – Have you ever used dowel joinery on your projects?
21:05 – How did you manage to get your name out there?
23:30 – How are you moving around your large tools?
25:53 – Do you have tickets to Rogue One?
26:28 – Are the drums staying in the shop?
26:50 – Are you going to use the crawl space for shop equipment?
27:15 – What is your opinion of the Jet Jointer/Planer combo unit? Please note that my comments are with reference to the benchtop models, not the floor-standing model.
29:15 – Do you have any ideas for kids gifts made in the shop?
30:58 – Can Danish oil be finished with lacquer?
31:35 – Have you looked at the new Laguna dust collectors?
32:30 – Oneida Dust Collector Update
35:00 – Tim Walsh – Jointer/Planer user review
35:50 – Why isn’t Marc on TV?
37:09 – Nicole says a naughty word.
37:18 – Wood Whisperer Patreon debut
38:28 – When will your shop be done?
40:05 – Where did you get your anti-fatigue mats?