Free Sh*t Friday! – Friday Live!

Morning Show - July 28, 2017

Today we’re showing off some awesome stuff sent to us by our online friends! You guys are awesome. We also decided to return the favor by giving away a free Guild project to everyone who had a question answered live! Here’s the rundown:

2:10 – WW Thread tap holder
3:02 – Why are your arms shiny? – Saniderm Tattoo Bandages – Check out OhItsTeddy (NSFW)
6:10 – Solution to Nicole’s challenge coin problem.
7:18 – Marc and Nicole’s goodies
8:36 – Fuji spray conversion gun
10:55 – What was your biggest screw up?
13:50 – Are there any considerations to make for router bit speed?
15:44 – How do I keep my router from falling off at the end of the cut?
17:13 – Why do you sometimes apply glue to one piece and other times apply glue to both?
19:09 – Can you help me decide between a mortiser and a domino?
21:31 – Would there be too many limitations using the Festool MFT system with S4S lumber in a mobile situation?
22:22 – What’s so great about the MFT?
23:48 – Why do you now sand to higher grits vs what you used previously?
26:14 – Should I store my lumber in my basement instead of in my carport where I normally work?
28:55 – If you could only have 10 tools what would they be?
30:36 – Do you ever use screws in your joinery?
32:10 – How would you convince a beginner to stop buying wood from a big box store?
33:00 – What blade would you recommend instead of a stock table saw blade?
34:22 – What is the best method to repair a 45 miter joint that is separating after the finish is applied?
35:47 – Do you like tacos?
36:50 – Do you know the difference between the difference of the blades available for LV planes? – –
38:30 – Dust mask recommendations for kids?
40:14 – I’m building a table for family and they want something dark, what wood should I use if I can’t afford walnut?
42:02 – When choosing a glue is it important to factor in the species of wood?
44:35 – If you didn’t have your Leigh dovetail jig, would you hand cut your dovetails?
47:15 – What tools or techniques can increase my shop efficiency.
50:53 – Have you guys made a kids workbench?
51:55 – Do you use Bloxygen on glue?
52:36 – Are all your tattoos black and white and do you have a favorite style?
53:45 – Do you have a favorite bandsaw blade for hardwoods?
54:58 – What angle do you sharpen your bench chisels to?
56:10 – What’s your opinion on radial arm vs chop saw?
57:10 – Is there a market for home made tools?
58:32 – Are guild projects worth the money?
1:00:01 – I’m having trouble finding good used power tools, do you have any tips?
1:01:10 – What’s a good tooth count for a 12″ miter saw blade?
1:03:30 – What bits are a must have for your first router?
1:06:46 – Do you have any experience with cut quality on different types of cutterheads?
1:08:00 – Can I join the guild outside the US?
1:08:33 – Information on Matt’s visit
1:10:11 – New Patreon supporters
1:12:45 – The local fat doberman