Finally the Book Pre-Order! – Friday Live!

Morning Show - January 5, 2019

0:42 – Welcome to Friday Live
1:06 – Marc’s book is ready for pre-orders!
2:35 – FAQ about the special pre-order bonus for the book
7:20 – Happy Birthday Brian Knab!
8:03 – Thanks Patreon Supporters!
9:01 – Any recommendations for a table saw for a woodworker on a budget?
12:57 – When Nicole made the Pot Pie, did the bottom crust fully cook?
13:55 – How do you protect the shop\tools when you are spraying finish?
17:00 – What may be causing my router to jump when routing mortises?
21:00 – How can you tell what are the tails and pins\where should they go?
24:01 – Do you have any tips to keep the holy galahad or Kutzall from clogging?
26:00 – Will a dye on Cherry also darken with age?
27:11 – Can we move Deadpool each week?
27:45 – How much money will I spend at a woodworking show?
29:44 – Have you are will you make a video working on Ironwood?
31:06 – When do you decide you need EyePro as well as Ear\Breathing?
33:09 – Will adding alcohol to shellac extend the shelf life?
34:04 – Do you have any tips on designing rocking chairs?
34:38 – Why do people buy router tables over shapers?
39:38 – Do you need to detension a bandsaw at the end of each day?
42:28 – Is there an issue applying finish in the cold and then bringing it inside?
44:16 – Gaming Coffee Table Project has been released!
Guild Project –
Free Video –
44:48 – You can repurpose the kids kitchen stepstool!
46:05 – EssentialJoinery.Com – New Book!

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