Festool Cyclone First Impressions – Friday Live!

Morning Show - October 14, 2018

1:25 – Welcome to Friday Live!
2:02 – Marc was sent some Ipe offcuts
3:57 – Marc bought the Festool Cyclone and has some initial impressions
11:55 – Marc and Nicole were sent challenge coins!
12:19 – Marc was sent a Fastcap Oscar Square
14:10 – Sale announcement Guild Project Sale!
16:14 – Holiday Party is back!
17:32 – A pizza peel developed a crack after a few days, what happened?

How to Make a Pizza Peel (Bonus Tomato Pie Recipe)

18:45 – Do you have any issues with fine dust getting into your house?
20:12 – Can the Barrister Bookcase side panels be made with glass instead of Maple\Wood?
20:57 – Do you ever use woodworking joinery in general construction?
21:38 – What’s your ideas for the upcoming bunkbed project?
23:42 – Would you make the bunk removable to be used as a standalone bed?
24:43 – Why does Marc own three different block planes?
26:24 – When making wide picture frames, what’s a good way to reinforce the corner without a spline?
28:49 – What is one good and one bad surprise about moving to Denver?
31:00 – What is a Superchat?
32:29 – Why would you need a foot brake on a band saw?
34:36 – Is the finish the most important part of a project? How many coats of ARS would you normally apply before rubbing to a gloss?
38:10 – How can you stop cast iron from rusting in storage?
41:50 – With a blanket rack, do I need to worry about wood movement in the legs?
43:08 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters!
43:48 – Do you plan on adding more techniques to the guild in the future?
45:52 – How long would you make the Ruobo workbench?
47:40 – You should be listening to Woodtalk.
47:57 – Lazy susan is cupping a few days after finishing, why?
49:41 – Any thoughts on getting carving projects in the guild?
51:21 – Sale ends Sunday night for the Shaker table!https://thewoodwhispererguild.com/product/shaker-table/

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