Ear Holes and Pantyhose – Friday Live

Morning Show - July 12, 2019

It’s time for Friday Live! Not familiar with Friday Live? It’s a weekly show that features myself, my wife Nicole, and 30 minutes (or more) of woodworking-focused topics and Q&A. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to share thoughts and ideas with our fellow woodworkers.

00:01:30 – It’s Friday Live!
00:01:50 – Thank you to our new Patreon supporters
00:02:55 – Giveaway
00:03:15 – Announcements
00:05:25 – You’ve got mail!
00:09:03 – Breadbox project showcase
00:11:00 – What are your three favorite species to work with and why?
00:12:05 – I’ve had issues with panel alignment using a domino…any suggestions?
00:15:37 – Have you ever done Japenese style woodworking?
00:16:12 – What’s a good alternative to southern yellow pine on the west coast?
00:17:15 – In your planing vs sanding video, planing won…why do you still sand pre-finish?
00:19:05 – Hand update
00:19:40 – Any feedback on the Festool Rotex line?
00:21:15 – Any suggestions on efficiencies in shop layout?
00:24:15 – My flattening jig gives a taper to my boards
00:25:40 – How flat is acceptable for a table top?
00:27:37 – What’s the rule for the speed vs coarseness on a random orbit sander?
00:28:40 – Is there a hinge brand you recommend other than Brusso? Also, thanks for the suggestion of Wood Database
00:29:37 – Is there any reason dryer vents wouldn’t work for dust collection?
00:32:20 – How do you sand pieces without having them slide all over the place?  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0794WBPHK/?cv_ct_id=amzn1.idea.2FDNPTMSOGTDJ&cv_ct_pg=storefront&cv_ct_wn=aip-storefront&ref=exp_cov_thewoodwhisperer_dp_vv_d
00:34:05 – What’s the best top coat for General Finishes water-based stain?
00:34:18 – What has you excited about woodworking lately?
00:35:05 – Why do you think the domino is better than other methods?
00:35:40 – How do you sand between coats of finishing?
00:37:55 – What’s up with the guild scholarships?
00:38:30 – WoodTalk update
00:40:00 – How would you finish an MDF outfeed table top?
00:43:20 – Can you recommend one or two quality sources for buying hardwood online?
00:45:15 – Any recommendations for casters?
00:48:10 – How do you read grain direction?
00:52:15 – What’s a good earbud to cut down on shop noise?
00:55:07 – How long should I let fresh cut lumber dry?
00:57:35 – Any suggestions for dust collection in a small 12×12 shop?
00:59:18 – What’s the best bang for the buck in small shop dust collection?
00:59:50 – Would you ever consider doing an outdoor piece of furniture using drawboard joints only?
01:01:30 – Free guild project! Congratulations!
01:01:56 – What factors into your decision on build vs buy for shop furniture?
01:04:52 – Used Rubio for the first time…unimpressed. Should I expect more from other hard wax oils?
01:06:25 – What’s the experience when working with cypress?
01:07:16 – I usually finish with Waterlox…should I switch to a hardwax oil?
01:08:10 – What accessories go well with hand planes?
01:09:00 – Do you have a favorite 70’s/80’s era video game?

No show next week – 7/19 We will be at AWFS at the Titebond booth Thursday and Friday!

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