Drain Your Tank – Friday Live

Morning Show - June 14, 2019

00:03:57 – It’s Friday Live!
00:04:07 – Announcement! Application closes for guild scholarships at the end of June
00:06:24 – Mid Century Dining Table video release
00:07:20 – Do you have a schedule for when you’re going to have a live stream? http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/calendar/
00:10:24 – What are the pros and cons of always using a zero clearance insert for a 90 degree cut on the tablesaw?
00:13:45 – What should I use to finish a toy chest?
00:16:03 – New TWW store location
00:18:30 – Do you have any strategies for what offcuts you keep?
00:21:20 – Looking to make baby toys out of wood. What glues/finishes should I use to ensure it’s safe?
00:23:50 – Do you have any perspective on tabletop CNC machines?
00:25:33 – Has there been any thoughts on Jason being the focus of a video with his experience getting into woodworking?
00:29:00 – Is there anything you would have done differently in your current shop setup?
00:30:30 – Looking on buying a good router plane. Do you have a preference on brands?
00:31:40 – Rank the level of enjoyment in the following processes: Designing, Building, Finishing, Instruct
00:32:20 – Why did you exclude sap wood in your recent dining table video?
00:33:31 – Can I use Osmo over a non-film pre-finished surface?
00:34:50 – Can the Incra mitre sleds be used on a benchtop tablesaw?
00:35:20 – Is black walnut an overly oily wood and would it affect a glue up?
00:36:20 – Can I prevent lumber from warping while it’s acclimating?
00:39:20 – Would you like to build a river table? If not, why?
00:40:15 – Do I need to be concerned with moisture in an air system if I’m just using to to blow off dust?
00:41:25 – How much acclimation do you need to do in Denver’s climate?
00:43:00 – Would you ever use a crosscut sled over a mitre gauge?
00:44:55 – How straight is straight enough for a king size bed rail?
00:46:46 – Any issues with a 1/8″ bottom for the bottom of the hidden drawer for the Greene and Greene blanket chest?
00:48:10 – What wood would you recommend for baby toys?
00:49:45 – Thinking about building my own router table. Any advice?
00:52:25 – I don’t see box / finger joints in Essential Joinery. Is there always a better choice?
00:54:00 – Do you have recommendations for fixing a hard maple sign where one board has warped?
00:55:05 – How’s the outdoor Epifanes varnish holding up?
00:59:45 – Would sapele be ok for outdoor furniture?
01:00:23 – Can you do a video of how old projects are holding up?
01:01:49 – What bandsaw blades do you buy?
01:03:10 – How much milk paint did you go through on the hall tree project?
01:03:50 – Can you do two of the alternatives for the lower versions of the Greene and Greene blanket chest?
01:04:48 – Nicole, what’s your next quilting project? https://listalu.com/
01:08:14 – Any thoughts on building a quilt rack?
01:08:35 – Did you get any of your tats done in Colorado? http://thinktanktattoosouth.com/
01:09:55 – I have parana pine boards that have a finish on them. Do I need to strip them before planing them to 3/8″?
01:11:25 – Any build style / design ideas in mind for the undercabinet workbench for the roubo?
01:12:25 – Will UV darken cherry quicker if I don’t want to use stain?
01:16:25 – Guild project winner – Congratulations!
01:17:40 – Has Dougie picked a favorite furniture style for gnawing?
01:18:50 – What about Millie?

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