Don’t Mix Brands

Morning Show - July 31, 2020

00:01:07 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:28 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:02:22 – Mail time!
00:04:55 – Is it better to get more saw than you usually need for the fringe cases?
00:08:33 – What’s more prone to blotching? White or red oak?
00:09:35 – What ply would be better for a painted vanity?
00:10:42 – What’s the install process like for rubber flooring in the shop?
00:13:57 – How much did the wrist brace hinder your work?
00:17:44 – Are there ways to remove the green spots in maple?
00:18:05 – How can I layer a finish on top of Rubio’s dark stain finish?
00:20:48 – Do you own a Festool OF 2200?
00:22:00 – How’s the sandbox coming along?
00:24:40 – What’s a good “warmup” project for tackling the rocking chair? Bench
00:27:10 – What’s the best, discrete way to fasten a table top to the legs?
00:29:15 – How do you know when a bandsaw blade needs to be changed?
00:32:55 – What’s your choice for a 3 HP router set up in a table?
00:35:50 – Any opinion on Bridge City Tools?
00:37:10 – What’re your favorite WoodWorkers Fighting Cancer project?
00:39:00 – How much does your phone distract you in the shop?
00:40:35 – What’s an affordable moisture meter?
00:41:30 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!
00:43:45 – Can you recommend a square bit for a mortise?