Don’t Begrudge Me Bro! – TWW Live!

Morning Show - October 28, 2019

00:03:10 – It’s Friday Live!
00:04:35 – Last week for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer submissions and auction update
00:06:35 – Weekend Guild Sale!
00:07:30 – Festool long life filter bag
00:11:25 – Thank you to our new Patreon subscribers. Support the show here!
00:11:45 – Knife display case update
00:13:20 – Reclaimed Wood Book
00:15:45 – Dura-Block Round Sanding Block and Motor Guard Soft Sanding Block
00:18:00 – Philip Morley Shop Tour Video
Check out Philips table in the Guild!
00:19:05 – What is the size difference between your current shop and your old Arizona shop?
00:21:35 – What double sided tape do you use? Double-Sided Tape
Video on Blue Tape Trick
00:23:25 – How much gap should you leave when building a framed in panel?
00:26:55 – Do you mark or brand your items?
00:29:23 – What’s the best finish for red oak?
00:30:50 – Do you have a favorite Japanese pull saw? Check out Wilbur Pan’s site. 
00:32:50 – Do you use a humidifier in the shop? AIRCARE Humidifier
00:36:30 – My forstner bits aren’t cutting well. Is it the bit or the drill press?
00:39:40 – I have streaks in my wipe on poly. Will they buff out?
00:41:30 – How have the Adirondack chairs held up?
00:44:25 – How do you like your Oneida gorilla pro?
00:52:25 – What’s your favorite Red Hot Chile Peppers album? Mother’s Milk
00:53:50 – What’s the best way to apply Epifanes?
00:55:00 – What are some tips or tricks have you learned that help glueups?
00:59:05 – What finish should I use on an outdoor swing?
01:03:50 – What do you think of Stanley’s Sweetheart Chisels?
01:05:25 – How do you decide on making a jig and using a power tool or just using hand tools?
01:07:30 – Do guild discounts work in store? Check out all member benefits.

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