Doing the Cabbage Patch – Friday Live

Morning Show - June 7, 2019

00:01:07 – Good morning everybody!

00:01:37 – Hey, it’s Friday Live!

00:02:00 – Thanks to our Patreon supporters!

00:02:30 – Last day for Hank Chair project preorder.

00:05:15 – Thank you, Nicholas!

00:08:10 – When making mortise and tenons, what are the factors you use to determine the sizings?

00:10:29 – I have an issue when I’m milling my lumber. When I use my crosscut sled, my result comes out of square, even though my sled is square to my blade. What could it be?

00:13:10 – How would you join structurally solid wooden shelves to a frame and panel sides?

00:15:15 – Would you rather use your Incra 5000 for mitre cuts or your mitre saw?

00:16:45 – How can I sand or scrape a glue up of maple and cedar with the cedar being significantly softer?

00:19:42 – Do you have any suggestions for how to organize all the extra hardware you get throughout a product or new purchase?

00:27:35 – Any suggestions on maintaining my table saw top?
00:29:35 – What direction do I go with a router?

00:31:00 – I made a mortise on a project but am switching to a domino. Can I fill in the mortise and then plunge with the domino?

00:31:45 – Can I add a stretcher to the inside of the waterfall table? How would I add it?

00:33:04 – What do you buff with in your videos?

00:34:55 – What’s the most cost effective way of doing shop cabinetry?

00:37:10 – How can you prevent blue painter’s tape from marring the surface of plywood when pulling it up?

00:38:45 – What is the most comfortable chair you’ve built?

00:39:10 – What is the most difficult project you’ve built?

00:40:25 – How are you planning on finishing the top of the dining table you’re building?

00:43:32 – Can you replace dominos with loose tenons on the Hank Chair?

00:45:50 – What kind of ebony is used for Greene and Greene plugs?

00:46:55 – How was the barbeque class?

00:48:25 – Can water based poly be wet sanded?

00:49:50 – What is your most challenging project to build?…again

00:50:50 – Can you add the Fuji HVLP to the WoodWhisperer Amazon shop before I buy it?

00:53:00 – Are you going to play any Classic WoW?

00:53:47 – Do you know of any aftermarket drill stops that are not the two nut adjustment type?

00:56:15 – Who would you consider your woodworking inspiration? Has it changed over the years?

00:59:06 – Guild project winner! Congratulations Jason!

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