Dingdong McGee – TWW Live!

Morning Show - September 13, 2019

00:01:05 – It’s Friday Live!
00:02:45 – The Wood Whisperer Español Announcement
00:04:55 – Thank you to our Patreon subscribers
00:06:00 – How do you approach doing ads for companies?
00:08:30 – What’s your next tool to upgrade?
00:09:45 – Any suggestions on how to allow the grain to show through paint?
00:11:25 – Have you ever fought right before Friday Live?
00:13:03 – Do you have any experience with the Axiom Stratus?
00:14:05 – How much open time do you feel comfortable with Titebond III?
00:18:46 – How do you balance structural integrity with what the client wants?
00:20:25 – How would you design the floor of your shop if you’re building a new place?
00:22:00 – What are your top three jigs?
00:24:35 – Is there any size of tabletops that you could affix on all four sides?
00:26:20 – How often do you sharpen your chisels?
00:27:40 – How can you calculate how much wood you need for a project?
00:29:10 – How can I limit tearout on my planer?
00:31:15 – What do you do with your sawdust?
00:32:15 – What do you think is the next fad after waterfall tables?

Waterfall Glass & Resin Tables

00:35:40 – What’s the difference between a spiral head and helical head?
00:36:52 – Jet sale announcement
00:37:50 – Does more humidity equate to more open time for glues?
00:39:20 – What size shoulder plane should I get?
00:41:00 – Can you use a dado blade on a sliding chop saw?
00:42:33 – Is Benchcrafted hardware going to be part of Woodworkers Fighting Cancer?
00:43:28 – What’s the difference between a jig and a fixture?
00:44:05 – How can you join the guild?
00:45:23 – How long were you woodworking before designing your own plans?
00:47:12 – How do you deal with shop funk?
00:51:20 – What size sliding compound miter saw?
00:53:20 – If you can do a double mortise and tenon, should you?
00:57:24 – When is the Fremont dresser coming?
00:57:57 – Have you used the Festool knockdown connectors?
00:58:55 – What company did you use for your rubber flooring?
01:01:35 – What are some things you learned at Philip’s?
01:04:25 – How can I introduce kids to woodworking?
01:09:15 – When does Woodworkers Fighting Cancer kick off?
01:10:18 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!
01:10:50 – MFT Cart

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