Did This Just Get Awkward? – Friday Live

Morning Show - April 8, 2019

00:01:30 – Hi everybody! Welcome to the smooth jazz show.
00:02:21 – Thanks to the new Patreon subscribers!
00:04:30 – Opening packages and mailings
00:07:02 – How would you finish a cribbage board?
00:09:23 – Hall Tree Guild preorder ends tonight!
00:10:30 – Essential Joinery has arrived!
00:13:30 – Austin Hardwoods book launch in Denver
00:15:33 – Are the hardcover versions of Essential Joinery on the same schedule?
00:16:02 – Are there any hardcover copies left?
00:18:05 – Kitchen countertop finish? Epoxy? Epiphanes? Other?
00:19:55 – Can you explain why you would use a crosscut sled and miter saw?
00:21:30 – Are you sending books out via media mail?
00:22:25 – Diamond plate or water stone sharpening system?
00:24:55 – Should we contact your mom to know when we get our book?
00:25:41 – Is Nicole’s brother a permanent member of TWW team?
00:27:55 – Update on the Incra 5000 sled? Is it a replacement for a crosscut sled?
00:29:25 – Water stones past 16000? Worth it?
00:31:10 – Have you used a miter lion?
00:32:45 – Do you have blast gates in your dust collection system?
00:35:30 – What’s your approach to buying things for your shop?
00:42:15 – Will the Hank Chair build include paper templates?
00:43:50 – If Powermatic didn’t sponsor you, would you still user Powermatic?
00:47:35 – What happened to Marc’s relationship with Festool?
00:48:48 – Could you make a suggestion on a new ROS?
00:52:35 – Cute kid story!
00:53:40 – Is using string the same as using winding sticks for leveling a workbench top?
00:55:55 – Any tips for a starting woodworker with a small shop?
00:59:02 – Guild project giveaway!
01:00:00 – iTunes podcast of Wood Whisperer Live

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