Cup O’ Finish – Friday Live!

Morning Show - October 21, 2017

Today I talk about some finish samples I made up as well as many other topics from the chat room. Support the show on Patreon!

2:19 – Marc and Nicole had an Anniversary
3:40 – Finish Rundown
8:52 – Can I put two drawers under the blanket chest?
9:30 – Marc’s chocolate milk of choice.
10:33 – Why are my dowels shearing off when I drive them into my breadboards?
12:27 – If you weren’t in the business of content creation, how would that change how you approach projects?
14:14 – If there were no price difference between the JDS MultiRouter and Festool Domino, which would you choose?
15:10 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer – Is there a resin that wouldn’t ruin small flowers?
16:29 – How do I combat the small layer of dust that eventually builds up on shop surfaces?
18:20 – Is the gaming table build good for a beginner?
19:35 – What’s the deal with skip planing & how can I get my stock as flat as possible?
21:57 – Do you recommend getting both types of respirator or just go with one?
23:35 – How do I improve my skill with my shoulder planes?
25:50 – Should I apply a coat of BLO before spraying a waterborne finish to keep the oil finished look?
28:00 – How do you set up your router bits for the perfect cut?
31:24 – If you had to choose all handtools or power tools what would you choose?
32:10 – Have you ever considered teaching a class in Seattle?
33:40 – Do you have any tips for finishing ebony?
35:20 – Festool Sponsorship? – What Happened With Festool?
38:45 – Will there be a Holiday Gift Guide update this year?
42:58 – What type of spokeshave do you use most?
44:00 – New Patreon Supporters