Classic vs Modern Workbenches & Spiral Bits – Friday Live!

Morning Show - June 9, 2017

Today we talked about the differences between classic and more modern workbenches (MFT, Paulk, etc) as well as the difference between up and down-spiral bits.

Here’s the topic rundown:
3:03 – Do you know what days you’ll be at AWFS?
3:14 – Are there any tricks to using epoxy as a finish?
4:53 – Could you ever see yourself being successful with an MFT variant workbench?
6:28 – Do you see your children taking an interest in woodworking?
10:31 – What are the benefits of putting wax on a finish?
13:18 – Should I batch build cabinets or make them individually?
16:15 – What finish/sealant do you recommend for an outdoor endgrain table?
18:45 – When planing wood at the planer and flipping the stock, do you account for the wood you’ve removed at the jointer?
20:22 – Should I get the Carter bandsaw guides from Carter or buy the Powermatic Carter style guides?
22:22 – What is the best method to squaring the ends of a live edge table?
23:02 – What can be done when an edgeguide on a router is needed but there are none available for your model?
24:48 – How does up and down spiral work with router bits?
29:00 – Are you ever coming to Australia?
31:11 – Is there any merit to having chisels with varying bevel angles?
32:12 – When is woodworkers fighting cancer?
32:57 – Is there any lacquer that would hold up outdoors?
33:10 – Would you buy a low or high angle plane if you could only have one?
34:27 – What is the advantage of fastening a crestrail with screws instead of M&T?
35:57 – What was your first tool and do you still have it?
36:22 – If I’m spraying paint, should I just use an airless sprayer or get an HVLP?
38:19 – Patreon/Project Winners.
38:40 – New Patreon supporters.
39:37 – What is the next guild project?