Canadian Love – Friday Live!

Morning Show - November 16, 2018

2:45 – Playing Fallout 76 yet?
3:59 – Check out Nicole’s podcast – Ladies of L33t
4:40 – If you had three weeks off, what would you build and why?
6:00 – What router lift would you recommend?
14:10 – Guild sale every weekend until Christmas.
14:50 – Will dye absorb deeper into the wood than stain?
18:40 – Canadian Amazon Wood Whisperer store is finally live! –
20:20 – What size of blade and tooth count did you use for the bandsaw box video?
21:51 – Are you going to play WoW classic?
22:39 – Did you ever do anything with the space under your storage rack?
24:40 – Do you have any advice or videos on how to get comfortable with power tools?
29:40 – How would you edgeband a curved desktop?
30:33 – You need an aeropress!
31:28 – Bandsaw or table saw if you could only have one?
32:30 – Are you a guild member if you buy merch in the store?
33:30 – Have you tested Rubio monocoat yet?
36:25 – When is the next guild meeting?
37:57 – What should I do if I’m overbooked?
39:10 – Do you have guild meeting notifications?
41:07 – How do you decide between plywood and solid wood for a project?
42:55 – Do you have a video on edgebanding?
43:59 – What vise would you install in your workbench if you could only have one?
45:12 – Do you hear from David Marks anymore?
45:39 – What do you use that hatchet for?
46:22 – Would the Rubio product be a good turning alternative or better for flatwork?
47:10 – Is there a project you’re hesitant to start?
47:58 – Any concerns using a biscuit joiner to cut a groove?
48:27 – Any thoughts on basic layout or electrics on turning a garage into a shop?
49:50 – Thanks Brian & other Patreon supporters
50:24 – Can you give a tutorial on different types of vises?
52:32 – What do I use to protect a shoe rack from water?
54:23 – Do you stream Woodtalk anymore?
55:04 – How’s the book coming along?
55:43 – Are there going to be any more of Jory’s projects in the guild?

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