Another New Miter Saw – Friday Live!

Morning Show - September 7, 2018

0:45 Welcome to Friday Live!
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3:28  Gifts for Marc
6:33 – How do you avoid burning on a wide belt sander?
9:01 – LAST DAY FOR PRE-SALE on the Freemont Nightstand
11:43 – Why the change from the Bosch Miter saw to the DeWalt for the miter bench?
Check out for a ZCI for the DeWalt.
16:19 – Why get a router plane if you already have motorized routers?
18:21 – Information on the new book – Essential Joinery
19:04 – Are old used eBay handtools worth the risk?
21:19 – Old planes that Nicole bought Marc
22:00 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters!
24:41 – Is there a rule of thumb for mortise\tenon size on breadboard ends?
25:37 – Any ideas on keeping a desk top flat without breadboard ends?
27:26 – How hard is it to do epoxy inlays on a tabletop?
28:28 – Any safety concerns with using old, reclaimed wood?
32:25 – Can you “partially refinish” a table top?
35:52 – Difference in corded versus cordless track saw?
37:34 – Is WoodWorkers Fighting Cancer happening this year? – Will be a memorial box this year
39:15 – Which saw should you buy first; Miter saw or Table saw?
40:32 – Have you read Matt’s article in Woodworkers Journal and what do you think?
42:05 – Free guild project winner!
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