36″ vs 50” Tablesaws & Why People Give Us Money – Friday Live!

Morning Show - June 2, 2017

Today we’re talking about the benefits and disadvantages of larger vs smaller tablesaws as well as the reasons why folks give us their hard-earned money.  Speaking of your support, help us out on Patreon!  Here’s the Q&A rundown:
Rundown is being worked on.

0:55 – Patreon Discord

1:16 – PM edition tonight!
2:18 – Marc’s swag & thanks
3:01 – Marc’s T shirt size is Large
5:07 – Scandinavia tool source update
5:40 – Do you see an advantage in using decimal instead of fraction in metric or imperial?
6:50 – Where will TWW be in 5 years? Do you set woodworking goals for yourself?
9:12 – Any suggestions on where I can learn to get my advertising and business presence known? – nicolespag.com/resources
12:07 – What do you do when you’ve invested a lot of time in a project but realize it’s just not working out?
13:20 – Any recommendations for a plunge router?
15:10 – When is Marc going to do a challenge coin display case?
15:35 – What vises should I design into my bench?
17:39 – Do I need to pre raise the grain on all wood before finishing?
18:54 – Are there any disadvantages to skip planing then jointing?
20:28 – Am I crazy to use plywood in an outdoor project?
21:38 – Do you have an opinion on the Shaper Origin handheld CNC?
22:24 – Should I get a 36 or 52″ table on my Sawstop?
24:27 – Why are people paying you?
26:55 – Do you have any 360 video of the shop?
27:45 – Should I run a dehumidifier in my shop prior to finishing?
30:33 – Any handtools I could pick up in the UK?
32:15 – What was your most challenging project and would you do it again?
34:15 – How do you choose an edge profile for your projects?
35:30 – Guild project winner
35:55 – New Patreon supporters