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Ask TWW - July 2, 2021

00:00:34 – Welcome to TWW Live!
00:00:45 – Thanks to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:01:42 – New video today
00:03:38 – What’s the blue tape on your shirt for?
00:04:40 – Guild projects still on pre-order!
00:05:05 – Is Rubio a good floor finish for a high traffic area?

How to Apply Rubio Monocoat to Furniture

00:07:20 – How can I keep my jigsaw blade straight when cutting?
00:10:00 – How can I make finishing a more enjoyable process? Thank You Jon Peters!
00:14:15 – How should I practice with an Arbortech type tool?
00:19:00 – Should beginner woodworkers start with hand tools?
00:20:28 – Can I put an outdoor poly finish on an indoor oil finish?
00:22:16 – How does the outdoor bench look now after a few years?
00:23:03 – How can I clean my spiral bit that seems to be tarnished?
00:24:53 – What’s your favorite wood for a) working b) looks c) finishing?
00:27:13 – How do you keep your small parts organized?
00:28:23 – Who wants to win a Festool sander?!
00:30:40 – What bit did you use for the bullnose profile in the pantry video?
00:32:50 – What size vacuum bag should I start with for veneering?
00:34:20 – Giveaway winners!
00:35:22 – Can you rank this list of guild projects by difficulty?
00:39:07 – Guild scholarship announcement. Apply until July 30th. Donate to the Scholarship program at
00:41:37 – How can you be more comfortable standing in the shop?
00:43:25 – Should rail and style doors be modified for outdoor use?


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