TWW Live – From the Firehouse!

Ask TWW - September 16, 2022

It’s been a while! We’re finally getting settled here in Missouri and although the shop isn’t making sawdust yet, Nicole and I are excited to see your beautiful virtual faces. So we’re doing an old-fashioned Morning Show featuring your questions and a boatload of bad jokes, Missouri style! So grab your favorite beverage and join us!

Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Marc in a Fireman’s hat
00:00:24 – Welcome back to TWW Live!
00:02:29 – Viewer Small Shop tour is out!
00:03:00 – Wood Whisperer sale
00:04:05 – Thank yous! Alfie Shine Polishing Kit, Coffey Custom Builds and Sure Shot Sids BBQ Seasoning
00:09:28 – What general area of Missouri did you move to?
00:10:27 – Is a used Festool CMS worth it as a secondary router table? We have a video for that! :)
00:12:55 – Is TWW Live back?!
00:13:50 – How do you finish a tabletop without denting it with painters’ pyramids?
00:15:05 – Special guest!
00:15:27 – Do you have a favorite high-end router table system?
00:16:42 – Did you finish Nicole’s office?
00:17:25 – I vote for community events at the Firehouse with Marc’s BBQ!
00:18:12 – Have you done grain fillers with hard wax oils? Timbermate or AquaCoat
00:20:05 – What are your thoughts on using two-part resin on an outdoor table?

Outdoor Finishes | Real World Results

00:21:55 – Anything you would have done differently during the move?
00:23:45 – What’s the thickest you would go for a shop-made veneer?
00:25:05 – What’s the most recent woodworking thing you learned?
00:26:25 – Did Ryan Reynold’s ever receive the Deadpool bandsaw box?
00:28:33 – Where are the 3D printers going?
00:29:35 – How about quarterly live shows?
00:30:38 – What’s your favorite style of BBQ?
00:31:24 – Any plans for local meetups?
00:32:38 – How does Rubio look on cherry?
00:34:55 – Can we just come and bring you BBQ and do mini open houses?
00:36:05 – Have you picked a lumber yard yet?
00:37:48 – What’s a good alternative to baltic birch plywood?
00:38:50 – Where’s Deadpool?
00:39:30 – Will Jason be the new “beginner” in the beginner woodworker series?
00:40:00 – How will filming be with a new assembly area to film?
00:40:25 – Any word on the vermiculite?
00:42:00 – Welcome to Missouri!!!
00:42:15 – Do you 3D print quilts?
00:42:25 – Can you store the Bessy clamps clamp end down?
00:44:20 – Do you expect to change wood species in your new location?
00:44:45 – What’s the project you’re most excited about for the new shop?
00:46:10 – What’s the best way to sand end grain without rounding the edges over?
00:47:55 – Is there a Midwest native wood you’re looking forward to working with most?
00:48:50 – What’s something you’re looking forward to now that you have more space?
00:50:55 – Do you have any recommendations for some Greene and Greene or Stickley books?
00:52:04 – Why does pressure-treated wood look different on video than the ones I see in the store?
00:52:55 – Are you considering a Shaper Origin? Marc used it on his Hybrid Workbench
00:54:30 – Do you know if there’s a variable speed replacement part for my router?
00:55:20 – Loved your video on the California Air Compressor!
00:56:55 – Have you considered a false floor to run power and dust collection underneath?
00:59:00 – Do you have 3-phase power in the shop?
01:00:30 – How come you didn’t treat the floor before moving tools into the shop?
01:03:50 – Watch out for brown recluses…
01:05:45 – Are you going to do a dricore video?

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