TWW Live – Bubinga Bidet

Ask TWW - September 30, 2022

It’s been a while! We’re finally getting settled here in Missouri and although the shop isn’t making sawdust yet, Nicole and I are excited to see your beautiful virtual faces. So we’re doing an old-fashioned Morning Show featuring your questions and a boatload of bad jokes, Missouri style! So grab your favorite beverage and join us!

Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Welcome back to TWW Live!
00:02:47 – Mail time! Thank you Tantalus Design!
00:05:30 – Can you salvage moldy plywood?
00:09:30 – What are your thoughts on making your own dominos?
00:10:50 – Can you do a comparison between the Mirka and Festool sanders?
00:12:10 – Are you going to start doing classes?
00:14:20 – How much money do you have invested in clamps?
00:15:56 – Can I trim the extra capacity of my rip fence to the length of my bandsaw?
00:18:20 – Have any of the former firemen stopped by the shop yet?
00:20:10 – How’s the new laser going?
00:23:36 – Have you found a cheaper alternative to baltic birch?
00:24:00 – How thick can my tabletop for the trestle table be? Do I need a C channel after a certain thickness?
00:26:15 – Did you bring the budget beginner tools with you in the move?
00:26:55 – Nicole have you considered doing a 3D printing class?
00:27:45 – When are we going to see the first project in the new shop?
00:29:25 – What’s your favorite bandsaw jig?
00:30:40 – What’s the first guild project in the new shop?
00:31:55 – Will you build a new workbench for the new shop?
00:32:40 – What lights are you going to use in the new shop?
00:33:35 – Would you use cosmoline on top of your cast iron?
00:34:55 – Do I need a torque wrench to put the cutterheads back on my helical head?
00:36:25 – Is there a discord or forum for your community?
00:38:35 – How can you get rid of a large amount of rust from cast iron?
00:40:00 – Did you go and see the Goonies?
00:40:55 – How is the LED desk holding up?
00:42:30 – Can you recommend a 4″ blast gate?
00:44:50 – Are you going to build a pie safe???
00:45:40 – The poop story
00:49:05 – Do I tip the lumber yard employees?
00:52:00 – How can I prevent dimples in my epoxy?
00:52:50 – What are the magnetic hose connectors you’re using?
00:55:30 – What’s the affiliate link for Glowforge? – The next guild project should be an outhouse
00:58:04 – Do you have an update on the Carbon Method product?
01:00:20 – What can I make with some smaller ipe offcuts?

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