Top 5 Hand Tools | TWW Live

Ask TWW - June 18, 2021

00:00:34 – Welcome back to the WoodWhisperer Live Show
00:00:56 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:02:10 – Last call for the TWW Mugs preorder!
00:05:17 – MLCS Merle Clamp showcase
00:09:11 – Can a Kreg ACS replace a table saw?
00:11:29 – Can you talk a bit about the different kinds of planes?
00:17:57 – How can I start woodworking as a hobby with limited space and where can I get lessons?
00:21:18 – Can you talk a bit about crank neck vs bevel edge chisels?
00:22:10 – What would you suggest for one on one lesson rates?
00:24:07 – Can I pore fill walnut before using Rubio for finishing?
00:27:39 – Do you know of any “heirloom” quality layout/marking tool brands?
00:28:47 – What is the difference between an upcut and downcut spiral bit?
00:31:30 – Have you ever experienced analysis paralysis over buying a new tool?
00:36:35 – What are the odds you can do Derrell Peart’s chess table as a guild project?
00:37:22 – Is the Festool really worth the jump in price?
00:39:22 – Would you rather get the 500 or 700 Festool Domino?
00:41:15 – What are your thoughts on starting with carbide turning tools vs HSS?
00:43:17 – What guild projects does Jory have coming up?
00:44:44 – Why didn’t you include Rubio in your stain test?
00:45:45 – Any recommendations on the finish for a cyprus adirondack chair?
00:46:42 – What’s the best way to splay the legs of a monitor stand?
00:47:50 – Is the length of a jointer as important as the width?
00:48:83 – What projects have you used Tried and True on?
00:50:20 – What projects have you used Birchwood Casey True Oil on? Whoops :)
00:51:30 – How would you clean furniture finished with Osmo or Rubio?
00:52:40 – Video released today!


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