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Ask TWW - June 26, 2021

00:00:38 – Welcome to TWW Live!
00:00:50 – New cover art! Thank you, Carter!
00:01:45 – Thanks to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:02:40 – New pantry video preview!
00:04:33 – New guild projects pre-order!
00:06:17 – What are some comfortable safety glasses you recommend?
00:08:25 – Did you ever find out a good design for a cover for a sandbox?
00:10:50 – How would you make simple flat-painted cabinet doors?
00:12:28 – Is there a secret to hand planning or do I just suck?
00:16:50 – What hinge would you suggest for a back panel on a desk for cord management?
00:18:49 – What’s the best way to deal with tear out on a cutting board?
00:20:35 – What bandsaw blades do you use?
00:22:40 – How can I make a wide panel stay flat?

10 Tips for Wide Panels that Stay FLAT

00:23:57 – How can I protect furniture corners from toddlers’ heads?
00:25:55 – Can I get a review on your Milwaukee trim router?
00:28:56 – What’s a good rule of thumb for sizing upper shop cabinets?
00:31:07 – Are you going to AWFS this year?
00:32:14 – What was the name of the nighttime story app that you used for your kids?
00:36:30 – What’s the best way to liquidate a shop?
00:38:15 – Can you use green PVC for dust collection pipes?
00:39:35 – Where did you get your bench mat?
00:42:58 – How did you get sponsors?
00:44:35 – Do you find any value in the “specialty” chisels?


The best printer of 2021