Save the Domino! – TWW Live

Ask TWW - July 9, 2021

00:00:38 – Welcome back to the WoodWhisperer Live Show
00:01:37 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:01:50 – New video! Buy this, not that!
00:03:00 – Quilt rack preorder!
00:03:30 – Is there a nice style of chair for outdoor use?
00:05:58 – How can I use my Festool VAC SYS pump for veneering bags?
00:07:48 – What’s the best way to fix a sloppy miter slot/gauge?
00:09:50 – What’s some good advice to work in the metric system?
00:12:05 – How high of a grit would you sand walnut end grain to before applying Rubio?
00:15:00 – Can you talk about the process of tinting epoxy?
00:16:55 – Are soft-close drawer slides harder to open?
00:18:55 – Who is the Alex who helped set up your bandsaw?
00:20:05 – Can I use two twin-screw vices as a face and leg vice on the same side of my bench?
00:22:30 – What tools would you consider for a 20′ x 10′ shop?
00:27:28 – Is walnut more prone to tear out?
00:28:25 – How would I account for wood movement in a desktop of sycamore framed by white oak? (continued at 00:39:04)
00:29:44 – How can I spray finish with my turbine without getting moisture in the hose?
00:32:20 – Is the Dowelmax worth looking into for laminations?
00:34:03 – Have you been to Yosemite National Park?
00:35:18 – What’s the best way to join an apron to a table leg that’s tilted at 45 degrees?
00:36:47 – How can I support the bottom shelf in this picture?
00:41:25 – If you could only rescue one item from your workshop, which would it be?
00:42:55 – What are your three favorite woods to work with?
00:43:45 – What’s Nicole’s next project?
00:45:05 – Do they make different size Amana countersink bits?
00:47:02 – How does your mom like her pantry?
00:48:08 – Were hardwood prices unaffected by the construction lumber price increases?z


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