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Ask TWW - July 31, 2021

00:00:37 – Welcome back to The Wood Whisperer Live!
00:00:51 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:02:30 – New video Friday!
00:03:00 – Rockler WoodTalk giveaway
00:04:30 – Spagnuolo home productions
00:06:30 – What’s a good pair of contrasting wood other than maple and walnut?
00:09:30 – Thanks for the incredible Roubo instructions!
00:10:23 – How can I prevent bubbling in my paint?
00:11:52 – How can I clean my router bit?
00:13:10 – How do your rubber floors stand up to your tools’ mobile bases?
00:14:55 – What’s the best way to break down plywood if you don’t have a track saw?
00:17:30 – What’s the best orientation for a table saw in a small shop?
00:19:08 – What’s a good dark finish for maple?
00:20:28 – How can I differentiate the different grains on a workpiece?
00:22:45 – How can I repair peeling veneers?
00:24:05 – How can I get rid of a bow on my benchtop jointer?
00:26:05 – How do the heaters in your shop affect the electric bill?
00:28:15 – What’s the best size for a bandsaw for rough lumber?
00:29:20 – Can I get more details on the kitchen pantry?

My Most Challenging Project in Years! | Veneered Pantry Cabinet

00:30:30 – Do you have multiple projects going at once?
00:31:43 – Do I have to finish the inside of cabinets?
00:34:39 – How can I store lumber in a warm humid area?
00:37:18 – Would finishing a workpiece before routering or planing prevents tearout?
00:39:00 – What sort of knockdown joinery can I use for a very large bed?
00:42:05 – Are there any updates on the acrylic on the gaming desks?
00:42:38 – Why does my end grain cutting board cup like a pringle?
00:44:40 – Do you ever wish you did a main site project as a guild project?
00:48:20 – Would you finish the blanket chest differently than you did at the time?


The best printer of 2021